Elevate Your Cardiac Surgery Practice with AizaMD.ai

For Cardiologists

In the fast-paced world of cardiac surgery, every second counts. That’s why AizaMD.ai is here to revolutionize the way you handle clinical notes. Focus on what truly matters—your patients—while our AI-powered solution takes care of the documentation.

Key Features of AizaMD.ai

HIPAA Compliance

Your patient data is secure with AizaMD.ai. We adhere to the highest standards of patient privacy and data security.

SOAP Notes

Create structured and precise SOAP notes effortlessly with our intelligent system.

Ambient Intelligence

Our advanced AI listens and learns, transforming every conversation into accurate medical documentation.


Why AizaMD is your best choice

AizaMD.ai integrates effortlessly with your existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Enhance your browser experience by syncing AizaMD.ai with Chrome extensions for added convenience.

Generate secure and efficient SOAP notes that save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Simplify the integration of ICD-10 codes into your documentation for better accuracy and compliance.

Focus on your patients while AizaMD.ai takes care of the documentation, improving the overall patient-clinician interaction.


What our Customers say About Us

I am very impressed with AizaMD. What I appreciate most is its sync feature with the Chrome extension. I can record on my mobile device and it syncs to my desktop via the web app and the Google Chrome extension. This is an excellent feature.

Sophia Rahman MD Medicine Specialist

For my patients with movement disorder generally have cognitive disabilitiy. AizaMD™ can help me concentrate on patient and family members while it records, transcribes and converts into a beautiful function clinical note that captures the essense of an encounter. I am saving 90 mins daily and for the first time in year when I get home. I do not sit and chart but spend time with my kids

Danish Bhatti, MD Startup Advisor

This tool will revolutionize efficiency in clinical documentation. This will save millions of dollars to health care systems. The ROI on this tool is insane. Saved revenue will be used to enhance patient care resulting in overall improved outcomes

Arshad Ali, MD President VeeOne

This is an epic tool, every psychiatrist and psychologist should have it. This help me concentrate on the patient, maintain eye contact, and deliver empathy during encounter which I want as compared to typing and staring at the screen.

Saira Kalia, MD Psychiatrist

This one tool improves my workflow tremendously and saves time, not to mention I have more patient time and less keyboard time

Awais Khan, MD Neurologist

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AI in Cardiac Surgery Revolutionizing Clinical Documentation

Discover how AizaMD.ai can transform nursing practices by elevating the quality of clinical notes and patient care across various healthcare environments.

Take the first step towards a more efficient and precise documentation process. Explore the potential of AizaMD.ai and see how it can benefit your cardiac surgery practice.